Nov 19 2014

So, you need a COMPUTER DESK but don’t know where to begin?

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Making the right choice when selecting a computer desk for your home or office is going to directly impact your overall experience as a user including how well you are able to work (or play!), how comfortable you will be and even how it may impact your health due to ergonomic issues.

Thankfully, there are models available for every taste, budget and need. There are endless combinations of materials, colors, sizes, functionality and points of purchase. So, what are the primary points to consider before purchasing? This, first and foremost, is a needs-based purchase. Once the practical need is determined and satisfied, then one can focus on the other aspects such as aesthetics.

The first thing to consider is the over-all purpose of the desk and what role it will play. Will you be using a PC or a laptop? How big is your monitor? Will you want to have a printer there as well? What about shelves, books and plants? Do you need a writing space as well? The answers to these questions will help you begin to determine if you need a large, robust desk with ample space and shelves or whether you can make due with a small, light-weight stand.

Space – How much space do you have and what type of space is it? An open area? A wall? A corner? These questions will further help you in determining the right computer desk for you. Depending on your space limitations, the following categories are available:

Hutch desks – these are intended for those of you who have little floor space available and instead take advantage of vertical space. Be sure to consider the size of the monitor when evaluating these desks to make sure that it will fit on or under the shelves!

Corner desks – these, as the name implies, are intended to be placed in the corner of the room and offer ample horizontal space, allowing for work on the computer as well as a writing space without having to accommodate the keyboard or monitor. These often also have a hutch or vertical component.

Workstation – these are intended to be light-weight and mobile for those who need to move the desk around when needed, from one space to another or one room to another. They are light and mobile, built with wheels. They also tend to be small and simple.

Once these basic, pragmatic issues are dealt with, you can begin getting creative with colors, materials (glass, wood or metal to name a few), pre-assembled vs. ready-to-assemble, where to make the purchase (online or in-store) and how to get the best bargain for your money including evaluating new or used options and sales or discounts that may be available.

Last, but by no means least, consider the ERGONOMICS of the desk. Make sure that the keyboard can be used with the arms at a 90 degree angle and that the top (or middle) of the monitor will be at eye level. These will help you to maintain proper posture and reduce fatigue and strain. Do not underestimate the importance of this point if you will be spending considerable time in front of the desk!

There is a computer desk for every space, need and budget. A little analysis of your space and needs before moving to “purchase mode” will help assure that you will be happy with your desk today and for the many tomorrows to come.

Nov 3 2014

Things to Know When You Plan to Buy the best Laptop Cooling Desk


Laptop cooling desk has become a commodity that got greater demand in the market. Most of the customers have realized that laptops are not good to be used on laps. They are all considering some good way so that the life of the laptop can be improved and also the heat that forms under laptop get dissipated with time. It is necessary for you to choose some good laptop desk with cooling effect so that it gets a better surface to be placed and also the heat will not get accumulated. When you keep laptop on your lap it is not good for your health and the heat formed also get retained. Pillows, cushions and mattresses can also result in retaining the heat that is formed under the laptop. You should understand this and try to choose such a method so that your laptop gets good ventilation as well as fans for cooling the heat that is getting accumulated. It is necessary for the individuals to choose the right product for their laptop.
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Light Weighted

It is always good for you to choose the laptop cooling desk that is not so heavy. Your laptop should be able to place in the place that you want and work. It is not possible if the laptop desk that you choose is heavy and so it is good for making sure that you choose the laptop cooling desk that is light weighted. If you are someone who use laptop from only a place then there is no need for you to consider buying a laptop desk that is too light. You can even consider heavy ones as you may not need it to be carried from one place to another.

Size of the Cooling Pad

Laptop cooling desk you choose should be of size that is compatible with the size of the laptop that you have. There is no point of buying a laptop desk that is large if the laptop you have is a tiny one. It is not good for you to choose the desk without considering the laptop you have as it is not good for you to use such a thing as you won’t be comfortable with that.

Features Need

You should choose the features of the laptop cooling desk based on the way you are using the laptop. It is always good for you to consider you use the laptop. There are some people who use that only for the work and on any flat surface and in a proper posture. While there are chances for many others to use this like any other gadgets like tablet. They may use the laptop in their bedroom for any purpose they need. Some mainly use this for watching movies, gaming and so on. Understand your priorities and then choose the laptop desk that can satisfy the requirements you have. DO not choose the desk just because it has got so many features but choose the one that has got the features you need.